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Parrot Circus

This crib caravan was commissioned by the City of Wollongong as part of their anti-graffiti campaign, they are used on work sites throughout the Illawarra.

“My current work is focused on the incredible birdlife of the Illawarra and the ubiquitous nature of birds in my daily life in Wollongong; be that at the beach, in my garden, the bush or in the city. The diversity of forms, colours and sounds is something which is precious and to be celebrated. As with the Creative Container mural I like the idea of these bird murals being on surfaces which move around the city; just as parrots move around town, flying over the city, perching in trees and on buildings and grazing on the grass. As someone who is new to Australia I still find this joyful, colourful presence nothing short of spectacular. 
By creating a bright, colourful representation of some of the most commonly seen local parrots I hope to bring this sense of joy to the work caravan so that it brings positivity and colour wherever it is parked rather than being solely utilitarian. I would like the work to also have a playful aspect as passers by read the images and try to guess which parrot is which.”

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