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Arches on Crown

This project was to bring life to a small square which has a café and playground along Crown Street in the City Centre of Wollongong.


“The arches on Crown mural project has sparked my imagination. I am from Spain but lived in Italy for many years before coming to live in Wollongong with my Australian wife in late 2014. When we decided to move to Australia we chose Wollongong because it is a beautiful place of mountains and sea like my hometown of San Sebastian in the North of Spain, and because it is a safe and vibrant community where to raise a family. This is something which was very clear to me the first time I came to Wollongong and it is what I would like to show in the mural project. The style I imagine for these murals is strong, happy, bold, with a family who play under the sun. I include seagulls and parrots (rainbow lorikeets and cockatoos) which are such a typical part of the landscape here. Other elements which are included are the two lighthouses, the port, the escarpment and the Norfolk pines, all of which resonate with the city of Wollongong. I would like to make an image of a young, active city which is growing and changing. A place which is home to people from many different parts of the world.”

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